Coaching You to Better Leading and Managing

Most companies are created from a confidence that there is a market in need of what they offer so they start with great expectations of success.  For many of them, getting off the ground is not the hardest part nor is getting through the first year in business.  It’s surviving till the five year mark that is more challenging which has historically hovered around a 50 percent success rate.  SMB stats show a lack of experience as the initial cause of failure but what are the causes after that?  Of course they vary but a majority would fall into the same few reasons.

First and foremost, no one is a born entrepreneur.  Those who succeed are willing to learn and be coachable.  You must humble yourself and learn so you won’t fail.  Another common barrier is the inability to build a strong team. You were likely the one doing it all when you began but you will only grow a business if you can build a solid team around you.  And then there's this thing called a system.

Have you ever heard of a professional sports coach who didn’t have a “system”?  Never.  But most business leaders don’t have one for how they lead and mange their team.  It is vital for the leadership to have a system or framework that enables their organization to successfully scale and grow particularly beyond the 5-year mark.

I know all this to be true and therefore have built a coaching model around helping SMB’s overcome these barriers.  I have a means for leaders to put their heart and style into a defined structure which will then provide clarity so all departments operate with a sense of belonging together.  This creates more happy employees due to "a connectedness" leading to less stress and higher productivity.

Thriving, not just surviving, is best accomplished within a deliberately implemented leadership system.  A system begins with establishing a solid framework.  A framework is the overarching structure that provides the definition and clarity needed to establish consistency.

You're Not Alone

 At some point, every leader recognizes that they need to be better at leading and less focused on supervising the day-to-day if they want to be more effective.  The key is having a structured attention to leading and managing the top level of your organization and I can help.  Please reach out to me to discuss in more detail.  This is a game changer so I encourage you to take this first step! 

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